Pastor Pete Hohmann

A Story is Being Told
Each of us has a story to tell. The ways our stories intertwine and connect with each other define what a community is, and what it can be. They are the connecting bond of life. Stories also show us how to bridge the divide between daily life and eternity. They help us make sense of events in our lives and show us how we might align our lives with the greatest story of all – the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

My Story
I am the pastor of Celebration Center Church of the Nazarene, and I love being part of this great community.  My heart is to connect people with Jesus in a real way – embracing the traditions of encountering God in prayer, worship, communion, and God’s Holy Scriptures.

 My journey includes a clear conversion to faith in Christ at the age of 24 and for the next half of my life I have pursued knowing Jesus with all my heart. I have served God both inside the church – as a worship leader, Sunday school teacher, and as an associate pastor – and outside the church in the business world. While working in the transportation industry as an Information Technology Manager, it became abundantly clear that the Lord was calling me to full–time pastoral service. I began the ordination process in the Church of the Nazarene in 2006, and was ordained on May 2, 2014. Just a few days after ordination, I was called to be the pastor in this great community!

 On the personal side, I have been married to Sandy for more than 20 years, she is my best friend and partner in ministry. We have three great kids – Noah, Ellie, and Sarah.

Come As You Are
I might show up on a Sunday morning wearing a shirt and tie, but mostly I’m a jeans and sneakers sort of guy. My grandfather used to tell me that Jesus came into this world, born into a humble stable, was wrapped in simple clothes and was laid in a feed trough (Luke 2:7); he told me that Jesus is more concerned with where we are, than He is with what we wear.